Our Approach To Care

We believe in taking a data-driven approach to deliver the best care for our patients. This is paired with a holistic perspective of each patient and translates to dedicated care management for the most vulnerable patients.


Evidence-Based Clinical Standards

Best-in-class clinical outcomes will differentiate the providers who win in a value-based care world. The leading physicians from MHC’s world class institutions have developed a growing list of evidence-based standards that empower physicians to deliver consistent care.

Population Health Analytics

Population health capabilities are an important component to managing patients with evidence-based standards. That's why MHC has invested heavily in population health analytics.

  • We provide a dynamic view of high-risk patients that enable you to provide timely preventative interventions and effective care.
  • We track the performance of evidence-based care for meaningful comparison relative to previous outcomes and applicable peer groups.

We are developing the end-to-end capabilities to integrate your clinical data with claims data that will rightly establish providers - and not the insurance companies - to be the central point for your patients’ care.

Comprehensive network

Our health systems and physician networks represent a differentiated offering to employers seeking out the best healthcare for their employees. By working together, we are able to contract for our respective populations in a consistent way that rewards physicians for the quality and efficiency of care they provide.


If our approach resonates with you, please reach out and learn more about how you can work together with MHC.