MHC Employer Health Solutions

MHC Employer Health Solutions offer customized patient engagement, clinical programs, and innovative payment models that are fully integrated into the MHC high-performing network and are supported by unmatched analytic capabilities. 


The MHC Provider Network

Access to the best providers and health networks covering the Ohio region.


Predictive Analytics

In-depth, predictive, and actionable insights that only a provider can deliver.

Care Management

Staff and programs to help employees manage their conditions more effectively.

innovative payment models

Flexibility in design and programs, inclusive of bundles and value-based arrangements.

corporate health

Worksite wellness, onsite clinics, and occupational medicine.


Advisory Services

Strategic support to optimize employee health solutions.

employee engagement and satisfaction

Integrated initiatives to educate and empower employees.


Discover how MHC can partner with you to dramatically reduce healthcare spend and improve the health of your employees and their families.